My name is Nichole Marie Howell. I first became an author at the age of 16 and am looking forward to my future on being a successful one at that. My first book published; Vacuity, had many misspellings and grammar issues that my publishers did not change like I had asked, so now I ask those I trust to help with the editations on my novels.
    Growing up, I have had a hard life. We moved constantly and I never could seem to stay in a school longer than at the max of three years. Even though I never truly liked moving at all and having to adapt to my new environment, I got to meet a lot of people who have inspired me on becoming who I am today, and who I will be in the future. Of course, I won't say too much about my life, but just that the struggles I have gone through have just made me stronger and smarter in my actions and sense of life and needs.
    As my future career, and maybe now if it has been a few years, I wish to be a Counselor for those in need of speaking with. Like troubled teens, family troubles, marriage troubles, etc. etc... I am a great listener and give out the best of facts as I can. Sadly of course, I am unable to counsel myself, so in being depressed, I go to my friends or think for myself of what to do. Mainly, my emotions come out in my writing.
    I was never much of the gushy romance type person. When it comes to having romance in my stories, there has to be action, horror, or some type of thriller. I depend on my imagination to do that for me as I write/type my work. I get a lot of support from my family and friends, even people I've never met before.
    I started my work out on, where I was able to accumulate a handful of fans who adore some of my stories, but as time when by, I began to procrastinate more and haven't been able to add any parts to any of my stories. Now though, I hope to quickly and carefully put out my stories for the world to see. If my stories ever come out as movies, it would make me a proud author!
    My inspiration, of course, is none other than Stephen King himself. His stories/movies have given me so much hope and courage to try to become like him. Sure, I may not be able to reach the top like he has, but it is worth a try, and I will not give up until I do!